Ι flew in my sleep last night.
I flew fast and high, hard and effortlessly.

I was running away from someone but not out of cowardice. I was trying to outrun them, to reach their destination first. Because I wanted to protect the woman and the child that was their prey.

The world beneath me was in pieces. The buildings were half destroyed. And it was a peculiar thing, discovering and creating the world at the same time. For some things I did create in order to make things easier for me or more difficult for her, the hunter. But other things were there before me, and one of those things was what I was in search of. A building of crimson, taller than any other, even though I was already unable to make out the bottom of this city.

And there it was, and I could hear her yell of triumph and rage, not too close, thankfully, but still quite clear, as she spotted the unmistakable crimson building.

But I was first, and I had some time to get prepared for her. I went through a closed window, as if I was immaterial. But that was exactly what I was, an immaterial idea and nothing more... or less. Half-demolished walls, furniture to pieces, huge holes on the floors, the whole building was falling apart. I moved downwards through the destruction, climbing and jumping and crawling more than walking, until I found her a few levels lower. The beautiful, black woman was scared but composed. I saw her mother next, standing closely behind her; I hadn't expected to see her here, as well. They knew what I was and accepted me, even though I scared them just as much as the hunter that was coming. But my attention quickly turned to the young girl, not more than nine or ten perhaps, hovering uncertainly in the doorway; the reason for all of this.

She looked questioningly at her mother and grandmother, both of whom nodded. So they had explained to her what was going on. I marveled at her, as she came closer to me. She hugged me and I hugged her back, overwhelmed by the relief that was washing over me. I had found her. The burden of my promise to her father lifted slightly, even though only half of it was fulfilled. She was so beautiful that it made me hurt. But then time was up. The hunter was here.

I told them what to do, where to go, to find the others who could protect her. They were the defense, I was the offense. And so they hided and waited for me to engage my dark equal in a fight of both mind and body, both heart and soul. And we maneuvered in space and words, and I misled her, I made her concentration fail for only a moment, a moment that was enough for the women to leave the building without her noticing. By the time she realized my manipulation, they were safely away. She couldn't touch them. I didn't fight her long after that. I hadn't wanted to fight with her in the first place. So, I found a way to escape from the fight and get rid of her, at least until I had to face her again. Maybe someday I'd have to deal with her once and for all, but that wasn't that day. Not yet.

He was waiting for me exactly as we had said he would. I didn't have to say anything; he could see the success in my eyes as plainly as if it was written in them. He hugged me and thanked me so fervently that my eyes welled up. His relief was mirrored in mine. I had kept my promise. I had done it. He had trusted me and I had proven myself worthy of that trust. How often could that be said by me or anyone else?

Only one thing stood in the way now, one truth. One simple truth that I had intentionally hidden until then. And that was my one last chance to bring it to light. My sudden fear and despair in the prospect, evaporated just as fast as they were created, the moment I looked up and met his gaze.

It didn't matter. It didn't make a difference. He knew.

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